Data Protection question-noises

I regard this question under the 'odd-but-someone-had-to-ask-it" category.

I have a veritable Gen2 Drobo that has served me well for a LONG number of years. Recently I was informed to replace a drive; which I did. The Drobo is no longer seen in DD and I have the data protection - green and orange lights blinking at me - for 5 days now. When it was seen in DD I was told it would take 59hrs to do Data Protection, but that time came and went.

So my question is:

Should there be any drive noise, vibration or general telling-me-its-working noises, I should be hearing?

Just standard drive activity, if they’re quiet drives you might not hear them, you might feel slight vibration touching the front of the drives, depending how sensitive you are to it.

Last rebuild of my old Gen 2 took about 1 day per TB of stored data, with me still accessing it a lot, it also spent a good proportion of the time invisible to dashboard.

It’s a case of being patient with a Gen 2, my newer 5C is considerably quicker to rebuild, I don’t know how Dashboard estimates the time, maybe it adjusts for old units & maybe not.

Many thanks for that sage advice. I’m also in a position where my Gen 2 is no longer mounted on my desktop, either - maybe a side effect of the older models going through data protection?