Data Protection Is In Progress, WHICH DRIVE?

So i keep getting intermittent emails from my drobo dashboard, that Data protection is in progress… I look at the front of my drobo, sure enough its flashing… But NO WHERE does it say WHICH DRIVE its rebuilding!!! I have a failing drive, that drops out and rebuilds, but I don’t know which one so I can not preemptively replace it… I don’t want to wait until it hard fails… HELP? Drobo diag doesn’t show anything… How do I know which drive is failing???

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

hi, if you happen to be able to look at dashboard, does it show you any status messages about the drives when you select a drive bay (and check a drop down info box, depending on the version of dashboard), such as “healed” or “warning” for a particular drive?

You will need to download your logs and send them to support for them to decode them and tell you which disk it is

I know this is community support, but the ability for us to view the logs would be nice… I have not looked at them yet, if its plain text i should be able to figure it out… but a nice log view in the application would be nice… thanks guys…

[quote=“pir8radio, post:4, topic:142854”]
I know this is community support, but the ability for us to view the logs would be nice…[/quote]

Indeed it would. Drobo Inc. has chosen to encrypt the diagnostic logs so that only their internal support techs can read them. I’m not aware that anyone has created a tool for customers to decrypt the data from our own Drobos. (An older “encryption” was merely an obfuscation, which was cracked, and then Drobo changed the format to properly secure the data.)

Further, Drobo has decided to not provide access to diagnostic logs after they cease support for a product. It’s just a configuration setting in the Drobo to enable or disable decryption, and they could easily unlock our Drobos after support ends – if they wanted to.