Data Protection In Progress, What to do!

So the story goes as is… I popped out one of the drives to replace a full drive that did have a warning message on it in DroboDashboard. I tried popping in the new one and it didn’t click. Upon taking out the drive it didn’t look identical to the one I took out so I put the old one back in. Now, I got three messages in Drobo Dashboard.

  1. Warning Data Protection is in porgress. DO NOT remove any drives until data protection is completed. You may continue to use the Drobo During this time.

  2. The Drobo has detected a drive failure. Replace the drive indicated by the blinking red light.

  3. Warning: Drobo has detected one or more failed or removed drives. DO NOT remove any other drives until data protection is completed.

Now thd catch is… the hard drive is inserted back in, but on the dashboard is says empty… and I would try and remove it again and reinsert the new drive as planned but, Data Protection is running and I do not want to hault that process as it states. I have 94 hours remaining…

Here is a photo of the drive I was trying to insert, but didn’t feel the click