Data protection in progress still displayed

Hello there,

I added the last 5th drive in my Drobo S and have now 2TB+1TB+1TB+500GB+500GB and the system reports a 2.71 TB usable sspace, spread on 2 TB volumes, being used at 67%.

HD are working hard… After I added the last drive I had to wait 4 hours with flashing orange/green bay leds and the data protection in progress.

When it ended I got the message the data were protected BUT when I access now the Dashbord and open the detailed info on how the data are used, I get the message (not flashing anymore however) that the data protection is in progress!

I’m afraid of shutting down my laptop connected to the Drobo…

I did it… Shut down Drobo (from the Dashboard), Shut Down/Restarted the computer, waited for the Ready for connexion from Drobo Dashboard, Restarted Drobo.

I still have access to my data (did not checked every file though…).


The Dashboard still mention that data protection is in progress… Indeed HD are working hard but not flashing light telling I may not remove drives or shut down the Drobo…

If data protection is in progress I shouldn’t be able to remove a drive, am I wrong?

And the Dashboard reports available/used space BUT put ‘zero’ for ‘reserved for expansion’ and for ‘used for protection’ and for ‘general’ !!!

ok first - you can always shutdown your laptop - drobo will continue doing whatever it needs to regardless of whether there is a computer connected or not.

it also sounds like it might be a little confused. in fact if you just ADDED a drive (i.e. you did not remove any) then protection should never have been in progress - your data would have always been protected and it would have just added the additional capacity to the pool.

i would recommend trying this:


if that does not work, then telephone support for further advice

Yes, please open a support case.