'Data Protection in Progress' in 'How is my storage being used?'?

Right now, my Drobo shows all green. In tools it shows ‘Healthy’, all drives are ‘green’ and Data Protection says ‘Your data is protected’. But when I look at ‘How is my storage being used?’ it shows the full capacity under ‘Avaiable for data’, 0B under ‘Reserved for Expansion’, ‘Used for protection’, and ‘overhead’. And the bar chart shows all gray with ‘Data Protection in Progress’.

Any idea what is going on?[hr]
Possibly was a quirk of the old dashboard. Updated the old 1.8.x to the current 2.0.2 and it shows as expected now.

glad to hear its fixed

my first question would have been have you restarted both drobo and your computer - sometimes they do get a little confused

Multiple times. Not sure when it started, since I don’t regularly look there. Noticed it first about a week ago, and gave it time and a couple of restarts (both Drobo and machine) before I started to worry about it.

Possibly an OSX issue with the new firmware coupled with an old dashboard.