Data Protection 180Hrs!

I have a Drobo-FS which showed a 4TB HD failure in Slot #5. I replaced it with a new 4TB of the same brand/model HD a few days ago. It stated then about 180hrs of time remaining.

Slot 1: 3TB
Slot 2: 3TB
Slot 3: 3TB
Slot 4: 4TB
Slot 5: 4TB (failed slot)

Used Space: 4.99TB (60%)
Free Space: 3.24TB (40%)

Today I brought up my dashboard and it told me 101 Hours remaining but it keeps climbing. It is now telling me 113 hours remaining. Is this typical of a 4TB HD Replacement? I have the Drobo Set at Dual Redundancy fail and I have access to all my data but I am currently not writing to it or copying any data off it (I have another Drobo with my data).

Just wondering why it has already taken 2 days and seems like it wants 4+ more days! What gives?

hi, it took me about 68h on my gen1/gen2 drobos to upgrade from 1.0TB into 1.5TB
so i think you just need to give it more time:

for examples and other info in case it helps you with related estimations and predictions.

Thanks Paul! I am currently at 89 hours remaining. So I am just being patient and letting it run.
I appreciate the feedback!

ok cool - please let us know how it turns out