Data Loss

Hey everyone. OS X (Mac OS Sierra), Drobo 5 S, 5 HDD installed (One 500GB Three 2TB, and One 3TB drive). All hard drives are within two years old with the 3TB drive approximately 8 months old.

Here’s my situation:
Drobo was struggling to stay mounted. It would randomly unmount, but sometimes would mount again if I restarted the Drobo. Recently though it wasn’t even doing that.

I run Checkmate on my iMac and it was constantly showing there was a drive directory issue with the Drobo I thought the pattern was demonstrating that if my iMac went to sleep then the issue would show up so I stopped allowing the iMac to sleep or hibernate.

I’ve run Diskwarrior a number of time to rebuild the Directory. Things usually went fine and I was able to carry on with out blinking an eye. I recently did a rebuild but now the data on the Drobo is gone and in fact the Drobo Dashboard shows 16TB under “Volumes” but under “Capacity” it shows 4.41 TB used and 1.44TB free space available. Obviously numbers aren’t matching or adding up.

So if anyone has any insight into what happened to my data and what is going on with the Drobo Dashboard information I would appreciate it.

Finally if anyone has any thought on how I might possibly be able to retrieve my data that would really really be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

hi twood20,
am not sure if you are still i support, though it may be worth raising a ticket for the support team. (i think you can still raise a pay-per-incident in case out of support if you would wish too)

sleeping and hibernating have been known to cause some issues in general, though as diskwarrior has been able to repair things before, i would have thought it would be a good choice again now…

but it might be worth trying to use dashboard to shutdown the drobo, and to then shutdown the mac and to essentially power all off. and then to unplug power from the drobo and computer, and to wait for about 10minutes.

then, if you try powering up the computer and dashboard again, and then try to directly connect your drobo (i think its a drobo-s?) directly via usb to your mac, and then to power it up, what happens now?
(does it boot up with the usual boot up sequence with blue led lights usually from 1-through to 10 from right to left, and then is it found properly by the computer and dashboard again?)