Data at risk with DDR?

Hi, my configuration: 4x 1,5 TB WD Caviar Green, DDR option = 2,66 TB usable disk space. As far as I understand DDR means that you could loose 2 drives simultaneously without loosing data. I just wanted to test the system and removed 1 drive… I immediately got the red warning message that told me my data were at risk! Why? I tought I could remove a second drive without loosing data… What does the warning mean? Does it only say my Drobo will start to reorganize? Could I really remove another drive at the same time? At the moment I wouldn´t dare to remove 2 drives at the same time… :wink: Maybe, the warnings are not really precise. If anybody knows more about how DDR is working I would appreciate his opinion. Thank you guys!

When Drobo S is in relayout it is in a compromising state, as data is moving back and forth between drives. During this state we do not want you to remove/add drive or disconnect power from Drobo. We put this message in the dashboard as an extra precaution to warn you against doing so. If dual disk redundancy is enabled, and Drobo S is in relayout, and a drive should fail - the answer is Yes your data will be protected.

In other words, the message is there regardless if you have DDR enabled or not. It’s to stress how important it is not be removing drives in this state!

Hi Jennifer,

so you ARE the expert! Thank you very much… I agree this kind of warning makes sense, otherwise people like me would try everything;-) I love my Drobo (in fact I´m also selling quite a few) and I hope the new dashboard will soon support the new S features (disk spin down and dimming the indicator lights).

regards from Austria