Dashboard update won't take - can't access - afraid to update firmware

I have two Drobo 5D units. I can’t remember when I first got them, but it was years ago. I have never updated the firmware for the simple fact it would require another Drobo of equal capacity to back it up and I have not been able to afford that. So far, it has worked fine but a few days ago I upgrade my 2016 iMac 27 inch to Catalina 10.15.4. I received a notification that when the next upgrade comes it will not be compatible with my Drobo.

I thought I would have some time to figure out how to deal with this but then today I received a notification that I have a supplemental Catalina upgrade ready to be installed. I also got a Drobo Dashboard upgrade notification. I upgraded and then received the notification included at left in the screenshot. I followed through to the degree I was able, as shown at right in the screenshot. Yet, everytime I try to open dashboard, the notification at left reappears. I restarted my computer to no avail.

What do I need to do?

Oh, great! This form doesn’t even display the screenshot, in jpg or png!

Anyway: The notification stated:

"Please give Drobo Dash Service full disk access in order for firmware download, diagnostic upload and volume formatting to be allowed:

"Apple icon>System Preference>Security & Privacy>Privacy
From the left side of the Menu find “Full Disk Access”.
From the right side find “DDService64d” and check the box.

“Then relaunch Drobo Dashboard.”

I followed the process, but there is no “DDService64d” on the right side.
I did grant full access to the Drobo Dashboard app but it did not help.

I hope someone out there can help.

Thank you.

I see the screenshot did appear. My bad. The core problem remains.

I decided to try again - this time “DDService64d” did appear and now I can access my dashboard.

The question now becomes do I dare upgrade my old firmware to the present without backing up the Drobo? I have contacted Drobo directly about this in the past and they say to back up. I assume this would take care of the Macintosh upgrade problem. Will the supplemental upgrade to Catalina released today be imcompatible with my Drobo as is?

Thank you again.

One more thing…

Now that I can see my dashboard, I see the old firmware versions I have are 3.5.6 on one Drobo with the upgrade being 4.1.3 and 3.5.4 on the other and the upgrade being 3.5.5.

I would back it up.

I would if I could. Financially impossible.

Screw up your courage & update the one which matters least, if that works it’ll encourage you to update the next also…

Frankly if an update has been available for a month or more & there’s no massive screaming here or reddit, or other forums, then it’s safe enough… Time to “risk it”.

While I would not say either “matters least,” I did just that over a week ago. All went fine.