Dashboard unable to make changes

Hi All,

I’ve only had my Drobo a couple of weeks and after initially being very impressed with the ease of setup, I’ve now hit problems.

A quick overview of my setup:

MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard
Drobo FS running Dashboard 1.7.3 and firmware 1.2.0

I installed Firefly and it’s all gone downhill since.

The Drobo started to refuse to shut down, stating that Drive robo-FS is busy (I didn’t have a drive called robo-FS). I then lost all control through the dashboard - the lights wouldn’t blink, it threw an error if I tried to shut down, it claimed there were no shares even though the shares were mounting and I could read/write to them.

It also showed the admin username and password blank, although the overview gave a summary of usage and showed all of my shares.

I decided that I’d try a reset, but guess what…it wouldn’t let me do that through the dashboard either. So, I got out a paper clip and reset it using the button on the back of the device. Now the summary is showing 898GB of free space (i.e. the device is empty) as expected, but it again won’t let me set an admin name, create shares or even do simple stuff like blink the lights or shut down.

Can anybody help - I’m getting close to packaging it up and shipping it back for a refund…