Dashboard still shows information after Drobo is disconnected

I tried to report a bug via the “normal” support channels but couldn’t login via the support portal at Drobo.com, so I thought I’d post here.

Ever since updating to Drobo Dashboard 1.6.0, the Dashboard shows information about the Drobo (partition size, utilization, etc.) after the Drobo has been disconnected from my MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard 10.6.1. This behavior is inconsistent with what the old Dashboard did–it would show “Ready for connection” once the Drobo was disconnected.

I followed normal disconnection procedure: dragged Drobo to the Trash, unplugged FW800 cable. I then put the MBP to sleep, and when I woke it, Drobo Dashboard still showed all of the information from before the Drobo was disconnected. When I quit Drobo Dashboard and re-launched it, it again showed “Ready for connection” with no information about the Drobo’s capacity, utilization, etc.

Not sure if anyone else is seeing this behavior.

I’m seeing this also on a Vista PC.

I should have added that the Drobo Dashboard menu in the menubar remained and showed “available capacity” as if the Drobo had not been disconnected. When I restarted the Drobo Dashboard, it showed no menu in the menubar. (I guess that is a change over the old Dashboard, which showed a gray circle with a slash through it when Drobo was disconnected. Now the menu just disappears altogether when it the Drobo is not mounted.)

What firmware are you on?

Firmware 1.3.5 for Drobo v2.