DashBoard - Shutdown Event ID Warning

The last time I recently used Dashboard’s (vers 1.6.8) Command to Shutdown the “Drobo S” , it sucessfully shutdown the Drobo S. A little later when I checked the Windows System Event Log I noticed that during Dasboard’s process of performing the Shutdown Command of the Drobo S, windows wrote a warning message to the system event log which was:

"An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging operation —> Event ID: 51 "

… I ran chkdsk /x on the Drobo drive and windows says it is perfect. I tried the Dashboard ShutDown Command again and no warning this time. I tried it again a few days later, also no warning in the event log anymore.

… So, what does this mean ? … Why did Dashboard’s Shutdowm command cause the warning system event log entry, just that 1 time ?

P.S. I am running Win XP, SP3, Dashboard 1.6.8 and a Drobo S.

Windows isn’t trying to store a pagefile on the Drobo, is it?
(System Properties > Advanced > Performance-Settings > Advanced > Virtual memory-Change)

Shortcuts for System Properties:
Right-click My Computer, choose Manage
Windows key-Pause


I checked it and it shows two entries - C: drive and G: Drobo Drive.
----> When I highlight/select G: Drobo Drive, it says " No Paging File".

Okay, that means there’s no pagefile on G: that’s good.

I wouldn’t worry about it just yet, just keep an eye on the log.

Okay, thanks.