Dashboard showing full capacity and no usage but my Drobo has 3 Tb of data on it.

I just updated two drives on my Drobo 2nd Gen. I now had 2 2TB and 2 1Tb drives in my Drobo. I installed one 2Tb drive and waited for data protection to get done. Everything worked fine. I installed the 2nd 2Tb drive (now have 4 2Tb drives) and waited for drive protection. Went to work with 3 hours left on Data Protection when I came home Drobo had 4 green lights on drive and no blue lights for usage. Drobo Dashboard had crashed and when I restarted it the capacity reports a full 5.42 Tb available and virtually no usage (other than for Protection. However I can still see the files and access them through Finder.
I don’t want to turn anything off for fear of losing my data (should be 3Tb of photos and video).
Is my Drobo crashing and is just not done yet?
I am using 24" iMac with OS X 10.10.1 Yosemite