Dashboard Sees Drobo. Mac Does Not

Worked fine and dandy, the Drobo looks like it’s working fine, Drobo Dashboard can see it, but the disk will not mount.

I’ve already contacted technical support, but considering they’re not open until Monday, I’m hoping someone else has some experience with this.

Second question, am I the only person on Earth that’s been fighting connectivity issues since receiving the unit? This is pretty ridiculous.


Nope, U r not the only one. I’m having similar problem but on the Windows side & DroboPro. My Windows Server sees the drives in my Pro via iSCSI connection but not my Drobo Dashboard. Strangely, my Drobo Dashboard sees all Drobo+DroboShare. Tried rebooting both my server & my Pro - no go. Yes, I’m also struggling but IMO it’s not ridiculous cuz it’s actually fun, especially you do that for living. :-)[hr]
Fixed my problem by deselect my local drive via Remote Desktop. Now, back to yours. Have U tried manual volume option?

Hey Rambo-

I’ve had uptime issues with the Drobo unite from almost DAY ONE. It likes to reset itself a lot and apparently it was doing “something” when it did it’s periodic shut down and it corrupted by directory files.

On the Mac, I used a program called “Disk Warrior” which repaired the directory and I had minimal data loss.

I love to “concept” but the reliability and durability of the Drobo Pro is pretty much on a Windows 95 level and I’m just holding out for that golden firmware update that hopefully will solve all of the issues.

One of these days. I don’t know. I hope, because this damned thing was expensive and for the issues I’ve had with uptime and reliability, I’m starting to feel like a chump.

emdee90 - did you get in touch with support already?

Judging from some other recent posts, there might be a bad run of power supplies.
Stupid bad capacitors… I’m still running into issues with devices with bad caps.

Yup. I’ve got two opened tickets with support already.

Kind of depressing actually because this thing wasn’t inexpensive and with handling the data with a proprietary “Beyond RAID” scheme, if they stop supporting DroboPro, I think I’m totally hosed in the future.

We nailed down the root cause of our problem, the missing DroboPro in our Dashboard. Since we had created 3 16TB Smart Volumes, the time it takes to mount those volumes via iSCSI is relatively longer than a DAS/NAS and for unknown reason still under investigation, the Dashboard doesn’t refresh itself. So, even my servers saw those 16TB partitions but the Dashboard has to be reloaded in order to detect the newly created iSCSI targets.

1xDroboPro via iSCSI (250GB+250GB+750GB+250GB+750GB+160GB) shared by 3 x Windows Server 2003/2008 servers w/ DDR enabled. Our Pro has been running fine w/o any corruptions & connectivity issues since July 09.