Dashboard or Finder to automount (MacOSX)?

I use Dashboard to mount my shares today, but I find it very slow. Finder seems much faster. This is kinda annoying specially on Macbooks who often are sleeping and need to reconnect several times a day.

Another issue is that when mounting using Dashboard you get paths like this:
/Volumes/DroboFS/0db102270026/1/Media/TV Shows/24/Season 4
When mounting using Finder you get paths like this:
/Volumes/Media/TV Shows/24/Season 4

This is obviously different adresses so all links in my Plex Media Center gets broken if I don’t use Dashboard to mount

What do others do?

I still use my old Drobo for my itunes library but will move my itunes music folder to my new Drobo FS. I am worried that I will have to redirect itunes to the new share folder every time I connect — but this is not the case for you? You always get the same path with the same (seemingly random) numbers?

Same numbers yes. You’ll have to deside wether to use Finder or Dashboard.

Did you switch to Finder yet?

And what would happen if you open Dashboard after you have made the FS-Finder connection?

Still using Dashboard. Nothing happens if you are already connected.

I have found that MountWatcher seems to be doing a far better job than DroboDashboard.

(Quick aside - I’m fairly certain those numbers in the Drobo Dashboard mount path are the Ethernet MAC address of the Drobo FS - should you ever get a new FS such as warranty replacement, those numbers will change.)

I ran into the same issue with Plex - I didn’t want to use Drobo Dashboard for a variety of reasons, so I whipped up a quick AppleScript to handle mounting the shares I need. As a bonus, it uses any credentials you’ve saved in the Keychain (at least, once you authorize it to) so you can mount password protected shares without ugly things like hardcoding a password. It’s not terribly fast - Keychain Scripting is infamously slow - but it does give you more fine-grained control than Drobo Dashboard, plus the standard volume paths you get from Finder mounting.

Paste the following code into AppleScript Editor, set your Drobo name and shares, and save as an application. When you run it, it will ask for permission to access the keychain (if there’s a saved password) - click “Always Allow” and you won’t see that again.

[code]-- Set some initial properties
set AFPName to “Drobo”
set shareList to {“Anime”, “Video”, “Dante”}

– Check the keychain for login credentials
tell application “Keychain Scripting”
set DroboKey to first Internet key of current keychain whose name is AFPName and description is “Network Password”
set shareAccount to account of DroboKey
set sharePassword to password of DroboKey
– Set up the user/pass portion of the location
set auth to shareAccount & “:” & sharePassword & “@”
on error
– If no credentials are found, login as a guest
set auth to “”
end try
end tell

– Mount volumes using retrieved credentials
tell application “Finder”
repeat with share in shareList
– Open location opens a window, Mount volume does not
mount volume “afp://” & auth & AFPName & “.local/” & share
end repeat
on error
display dialog "Problems were encountered while mounting " & share & “.”
end try
end tell[/code]


When I upgraded to Plex/Nine sources needed to be set up once again so I then ditched Drobo Dashboard.
Now using Finder+Mountwatcher wich is much more stabile. Sometimes Dashboard didn´t see the Drobo-FS at all even though Finder could both see and connect. The Dashboard wouldn´t find Drobo-FS before I restarted the device.
Dashboard is simply not good enough and needs updates or maybe even better, a nice Web Interface as a replacement.

Not too happy about the whole Drobo experiance actually.