Dashboard offering to update my 1st gen to 1.4.1.

Everything I’ve read, Drobo (the company) had no plans to allow 1st gen Drobo (the product) users the ability to use >2TB drives.

Dashboard 1.7.3 is now offering to update my 1st gen to 1.4.1.
(I know there is an update to Dashboard. Until there is a way where it doesn’t take up half my screen and the disk usage icon is back on the menu bar … )

Is the offer to update a bug in 1.7.3? Or was the initial promise touted when I bought this (where these could expand up to 16TB) finally fulfilled?

Sorry for mixing some rants in with my question but thanks for reading.

Saw that. I think this is a bug. Btw, you can run Drobo Dashboard 1.8.4.

There is a 1.3.8 for Gen 1 out now that is supposed to provide support for formatting volumes with Mac OS X Lion. As you say, there’s no >2TB support for the Gen 1.

There’s also a Dashboard 1.8.4 available too.

You can get either from http://support.drobo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/598/

Thanks for the info on Dashboard update 1.8.4 and Drobo firmware 1.3.8.
Did both.
Dashboard is still offering to update my 1st Gen to 1.4.1.

Has anyone tried this? Any word on whether it would fail the update keeping it where it was, or cause issues?

Put it this way - I wouldn’t do it. I would disable “check for updates”…because we’re never getting another update.