Dashboard not seeing Drobo 2nd Gen on wake from sleep on Mac

Hello there, folks.

Please help.

We’ve been experiencing a great deal of problems with our Drobo 2nd Gen. First, the details:

Drobo 2nd Gen
4 x 1TB WD10EARS Hard Drives
Drives formatted as HFS+
Firmware: 1.3.6
Dashboard: 1.6.8

Mac OS X 10.6.4
Processor: 2x3GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon
Memory: 13GB 667 MHz DDR2 FB DIMM

If the computer goes to sleep while the Drobo is connected and visible in the Drobo Dashboard, the Drobo will still be visible and usable on the desktop when the computer wakes from sleep, but Drobo Dashboard will say “Ready for Connection”. This problem is not solved if I quit and restart Drobo Dashboard.

This happens whether the Drobo is connected via Firewire or USB.

Others using the computer have also noticed that the computer often freezes completely (mouse cursor will not move) when waking from sleep with the Drobo connected, but I haven’t personally seen the problem yet and I can’t fully describe the conditions under which this problem happens. It is driving everyone at my company totally crazy and we are losing a great deal of productivity because of this problem. Please help us. Has anyone seen this problem before?

Try this thread.

Thank you, bhiga, I’m reading the thread now.