Dashboard mounting SMB on Mac, why?

Just a question, I noticed the Dashboard mounts volumes with SMB mounts and not AFP mounts on my Mac. Any particular reason why? I would think you’d want to mount them via Apple’s native protocols no? Is there performance or some other benefit to mounting via SMB as opposed to AFP?


+1 for this…

I would ignore Dashboard completely and just command-K the shares and mount them as AFP.

Agreed, although there appears to be at least one reason to mount by SMB on a Mac: On AFP mounts I cannot change files in the DroboApps share, but on SMB mounts (of the same share) I can. This can be important for deleting DroboApps, writing password files or similar things.

As a minor annoyance, SMB shares show me hidden helper files left by the Mac Finder as “_VUC69~7”.

well i tried drobo apps and didn’t find anything interesting really, so i don’t feel i’m missing anything out there. SMB does show the helper files, but i just ignore them anyway…

looks like this was addressed in the 1.0.4 firmware upgrade[quote]Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) as the default file service for Mac OS X[/quote]