Dashboard loses connection to Droboshare when laptop resumes from sleep

  • Dashboard 1.6.6 on MacOs 10.6.2 (Macbook pro).
  • Droboshare (1.1.2) + Drobo v2 (1.3.5)

During normal usage, the Dashboard sees Droboshare properly. If my laptop goes to sleep (standby), then wakes up, most of the times Dashboard does not see Droboshare anymore and only displays “Ready for connection”. The only possibility to resume the connection between the Dashboard and Droboshare is to kill + restart Droboshare or kill DDServiced (or reboot the Mac).

On the other hand, Droboshare and the stored data are always accessible from the Mac. It’s only the connection between Dashboard and Droboshare which fails.

I opened a ticket with support, it’s handled by the European support. Following their suggestion I did a reset of Droboshare, it did not fix the problem. They now want to exchange my Droboshare which sounds extreme as it’s probably a software issue.

Is anyone having the same problem?



Hi I have the exact problem.

But I use MacOs 10.5, and usb conencted Dobo V2(1.3.5)

It start hapening upon installing Dashboard 1.6.6.

The only way to reconnect is relaunching Dashboard.

I have the same problem. Buggy software.

when i had similar problem with dashboard on the drobopro & windows 2008r2, i where told to restart the machine by the support… restarting the DDSERVICE is much better…

Yes same problem osx 10.6.2 dashboard 1.6.6 after sleep on my imac dashboard don’t find drobo I must kill DDServiced and DDService64d why I have 2 istance one 64 bit and one 32 bit Can I disable 32 bit permanently?

Same here. Anyone filed a bug report yet?

I have a ticket currently handled by the EU Drobo support. My ticket number is 091206-000028

It would certainly help if everyone with the problem would file a bug report.

I had a similar problem when connecting my Mac Mini directly to Drobo : during a relayout, the connection does not survive a Mac sleep and I have to reboot (!) my Mac to reestablish it and update the remaining relayout time estimate (restarting Drobo Dashboard is not enough).
I submitted a defect (incident: 091214-000000) and the answer was : “yes, that is normal”. I suppose normal was meant as “yes, we know, it is coded that way”, but to me it is a bug, since sleep is a regular Mac feature.

It is definitely a bug. Someone didn’t test the software properly and just throw it out there. Drobo is being the next Microsoft with their buggy app. If it can’t connect after coming out of sleep, the dashboard is pretty much useless…

I filed a report with them also, but all I got is the run around and some BS about uninstalling the Dashboard and re-installing the Dashboard, and obviously, the instructions for doing that is wrong also. They first told me to do the install and choose uninstall when there is no such option. Then they told me to go to some place in the Library file via the terminal and run some shell program that doesn’t exist. Then they finally told me to run this program that’s in the Library\Application Support\Drobo. Told them like 4 times and me telling them they are idiot and need to test out their uninstall/reinstall instructions before giving them to me. Obviously, they just copy and paste whatever wrong info from their knowledge base and didn’t even bother trying out the step-by-step. What a bunch of morons.

Same issue with DroboDashboard 1.6.7 it’s very frustrating…

@archi which OS are you running? Dashboard 1.6.7 fixed the issue for me (MacOs 10.6.2)

I’m running osx 10.6.2
cedric have you unistalled 1.6.6 before upgrade to 1.6.7? I overwrite 1.6.6 Dashbord tell me that was a new version and I install it from dashboard

I’m pretty sure I downloaded it directly from DRI’s website and installed it on top of 1.6.6 = no previous uninstall.

now I try to do unistall with Drobo_Dashboard_uninstall.sh then download from website and install again this no solve if my mac go to sleep dashboard 1.6.7 “no dorbo is detected Please chk drobo connection” My drobo is connect via firewire 800

  1. Are you in 32 bit or 64bit mode on SL?
  2. if you sleep it for less than a hour does the issue happen?
  3. if you quit the DD after resuming from sleep and restart it does it find the Drobo?
  1. I’m on 32 bit mode SL
  2. Yes it’s happen even if I force sleep and after few second I wakeup
  3. if I quit DD before sleep after wakeup no drobo was found

I can find drobo 2g after wakeup only quitting DD, force killing from activity monitor DDServiced then opening DD

I have SL 10.6.2 italian language

Bummmer! …OS X with HFS+ seemes to be a pretty good companion for the Drobo if you look at all the posts regarding linux/ext3 and Windows partition sizes.

Perhaps someone should post a script that force-quits DD on wakeup.
DRI seems unable/unwilling to deliver state-of-the-art Mac Software.

Note to myself: DRI/Drobo is only happy if you insert one of their “approved” drives and if you attach nothing to it. That is very far off from the promo-Videos (any 3.5" sata drive, osx/win, secure, fast).

Any 3.5" sata drive works with the drobo. We only had issues with certain 1.5TB seagate drives. But it wasn’t just us, google “seagate 1.5TB drive” and see the multitude of issues that people reported with those drives.

I have two WD Caviar Green 1.5 TB http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.asp?driveid=772
on my drobo 2g
the exact model is WD15EADS - 00P8B0 32mb cache and WD15EADS - 00S2B0 32mb cache

Any 3.5" sata drive works with the drobo
Some seagate firmwares do not work - and seagate only offers updates for some of the drives.
I have at least two 0.7TB drives that take “too long” to spin up -> drobo reboots. That is in no way something that i would call “it works”.
The new 4k drives do not work in a 2nd gen drobos as of today.

Any 3.5" sata drive works with the drobo
Try the red pill instead of the blue one.