Dashboard is very buggy


I’m just wondering if there will be a new Dashboard released anytime soon?
The current version is everything but stable. i have already seen several major bugs.
Most irritating is this:

For some reason the dashboard continues to mount when i mount a drive.

Also i can see the Drobo Dashboard Service is started in windows but the shares are not mounted when i restart my windows so what good does the service do? and more importantly do i have to manually create a dashboard link in my autostart folder for my shares to be mounter during windows startup? (it seems the auto mount works (mostly) if i dont start the dashboard manually! This feels very strange since the icon is already in the notification area. When i do start the dashboard it will basically look for the share again and mostly disconnect my share and reconnect.)

Also could you please change dashboard behaviors so that when you minimize it it goes to the notification area instead of task bar. Today it goes to both which feels strange (or maybe this is a minor bug?)

ps. i really liked the old dashboard, felt more light weight and less buggy. Hope the new one gets there soon.


The Dashboard is just about as buggy on the Mac. My advice - don’t use it for anything except setting up the Drobo. If you want to map shares to drives and such, just use the facilities in Windows or Mac OS X, and don’t do it through the Dashboard. It’s almost guaranteed to mess things up.

True, i use to do that but the old dashboard was pretty ok so i started using it after i re-installed but the way the new dashboard behaves i think your advice is wise :slight_smile:

I’ve had nothing but trouble since I installed it yesterday on my Mac…I’m somewhat relieved that it’s not just me. I’ve gone back to the old dashboard with the new firmware and seem to be doing just fine.

agree, on my Mac i use the old dashboard myself.
On windows i made a .bat file which i run once (windows tend to remember it afterwards).
The bat file has this (incase others are interested):

net use y: \\Backup /user:username password
net use z: \\Media /user:username password

Of course you need to replace the username/password for your user :slight_smile:
Also the IP should point to your internal drobo ip in your internal network.

Be happy your dashboard even see’s the Drobo device. I have everything mapped and the old dashboard worked fine but this new on is lacking and under tested by DR.

Mine only sees it about 50% of the time. Usually a reboot of the Mac helps, but not always. Why it depends on unstable and unreliable background services to locate a device on the network is beyond me, and completely incompetent.

I really dislike this new Dashboard. All show and it works at random. I think the only way it would see my Drobo FS is if I threw it into the computer screen. I am really annoyed at this whole Drobo FS and Lion situation. Odd as I have been really happy with them for years.