Dashboard - Is there a Shortcut Key for Exitting the Pgm ?

When I have the DashBoard Window, opened up on the windows desktop is there a shortcut key combination that can be pressed to “Exit” the Dashboard Program, instead of having to go to the System Tray icon for Dashboard and then right cliking it and choosing exit from the right click menu ???

Note: The close x button on the dashboard window only minimizes it to the system tray, but sometimes I would to be able to exit the dsahboard pgm directly from the opened dsahboard window and not have to go the system tray to do it.

no but there are several programs available online which let you set up your own shortcut keys for various system things - you could use one of those to make it kill dashboard


Well how would a shortcut key kill the dashboard ? What would would be assigned to the shortcut key to make it exit (or kill) dashboard ?
… and what online pgm do you reccomend that could do it ?

You’ll have to feature-request a direct exit.

Shift-F10 is right-click.

But I can’t think of a reliable way to directly target the Drobo Dashboard tray icon… Possibly Girder could do it.
Without being able to definitively send the right-click to the Drobo Dashboard tray icon and not another, it’d be a shot in the dark.

And unfortunately Windows load-order can be semi-random.

Docchris, bhiga,

I am using Dashboard Vers 1.68 and I just found, by testing, an Un-documented Shortcut Key combination of “Ctrl-Q” to Exit (Quit) - Dashboard, just the option that I wanted to use, at times !

If your using the Latest (or later than vers. 1.68) Version of Dashboard, can you confirm to me that it still works in the latest version of Dashboard ?


Control-Q quit works for Drobo Dashboard v1.7.3 [1.7.30095].
Great sleuthing!


Thanks for checking. Great to know that I can upgrade and still have the feature.