Dashboard incorrectly says the volume is unformatted


My Drobo seems to work properly, except Dashboard says the volume is not formatted. That seems odd. Screenshot:

Volume is of type Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

What could cause the issue?


I don’t see your screenshot.

How did you format the Drobo? With Dashboard?

What Mac OS are you running?
Which version of dashboard are you running?
What size did your format to?
Did you use dashboard or disk utility to format?

Re-uploading the screenshot:

Mac OS 10.6.4
Dashboard 1.7.30095
Latest firmware on Drobo
Formatted to 8 TB

I formatted the drive quite a while ago so don’t remember which tool I used.


I would recommend repair disk on your volume. See if that corrects the issue.

I tried this, and the volume still shows as Unformatted.

Any other suggestion?


Open a support case please.