Dashboard gives no option to create separate volumes

Received a new 4 bay Drobo today. While formatting the only option given was for a single 16 TB drive (we have three 2 TB drives installed). This is on an IMac with the latest OS.

What we want is to have three separate volumes (one per disk). Searched online for the answer, saw some images of Drobo dashboard where you had the option to add volumes. No such option for us!

Any ideas why we don’t get the option for more than one volume?

4 and 5-bay Drobos create new volumes as necessary when the amount of protected storage exceeds the volume size limit.

You can’t assign volumes to specific disks - the protected storage is shared amongst all volumes.

Disk access is generally slower having multiple volumes due to seeks and general housekeeping (like having multiple partitions on the same drive), so nowadays it’s really just a holdover for XP compatibility, since XP only supports MBR which is limited to 2TB.

What’s your goal for having separate volumes?

hi, did you use the drobo dashboard to format/set it up - and did it only ever present you with 16TB as the smallest volume?

or was there maybe a previous screen where you could have chosen xp-compatible 2tb volumes?