Dashboard for Drobo-FS

Hi folkz,

Does anyone know why the dashboard for Drobo-FS is not available on:

Is it maybe located somewhere else ? (i been looking without any luck)

I simply don’t understand why Data Robotics excluded it from the download link above???


They have done this kind of thing before. When a new product comes out, it has a new Dashboard that should in theory support all the older Drobos, but they don’t make it available via software update or on the downloads page for a while.

I can only assume that there is some kind of formal or informal beta going on. If so, they are waiting to see if the new Dashboard works well with the old products “in the wild”. They are assuming, probably rightly, that at least a decent percentage of the people who buy a new shiny Drobo Latest will have one or more of the older ones lurking around.

DRI can’t possibly test all combinations of all the products with all the connection types and all computer OSs and all networks in their lab, so if they can leak the new software out to the world in a controlled manner by putting it only on the CD in the box with the new thing then we can help them test it, knowingly or unknowingly…


Thanks allot. So it was hidden somewhere :slight_smile:

@Spiney: thanks for your reply but i dont understand your explanation. They could just put a comment that this version is only for Drobo-FS just as they have done for 1.6.8 (that it does not support Drobo FS). Also it has been out for several months now so its not like a “new” product. To me a few weeks count as new but in this business several month counts as old even :slight_smile:

Anyway i’m happy i got the link so thanks again.

While I don’t work in support (or for DRI, for that matter), I have had to deal with a lot of customers who support couldn’t help.

People don’t read. I’m not saying you don’t read, as obviously you do… but the majority of people don’t.

Give them two options, no matter how well labeled, and they’ll still grab them both then complain that one doesn’t work, even though it’s clearly noted that it wouldn’t.

Most likely DRI is continuing testing with the FS-specific version and will release it for the general Drobo public once it is approved.

This is on the updates page:

Drobo Dashboard for Drobo FS
Please install Drobo Dashboard from the Drobo Resource CD that came with your unit. To receive the latest updates, you can either enable your “Check for updates automatically” or click on the “Check for Updates” (Advance Control > Tools) on your Drobo Dashboard. If you do not have access to your CD, please contact support.

Drobo Dashboard Updates
Note: Drobo Dashboard 1.6.8. is NOT compatible with Drobo FS. (See above)

Sort of funny. I work with customer support myself so i know about the “not reading” part. In any case i got the link so i’m happy :slight_smile:

@Jennifer: I’m grateful that you took time to respond but that info is the reason i posted this thread :slight_smile:
You could on the other hand help others by updating the “update” page with this link

Cheers for all the help.

Simple, that link has not been officially released/posted yet. That is why the updates page says 1.6.8 does not work the FS and to use the Resource CD that came with your Drobo.