Dashboard doesnt connect to drobo

The Drobo is working fine though, latest copies of everything. Drobo attached using fw800. Drobo dashboard just says waiting for Drobo to connect.

I had the same problem after my Mac went to sleep, then woke up.
Had to restart the Mac (restarting the Dashboard was not enough).
Did you try that ?

I would think disconnect/reconnect would work, but I’m not on Mac.

I’m having a similar issue intermittently. After I disconnect my Drobo v2 (1.6.6, 1.3.5) from my MacBook Pro (10.6.2) and then reconnect it, I have to restart Drobo Dashboard to get it to recognize that there is a Drobo attached to the computer.

I’m having this problem too. I say “problem” but its not really as the volume stays available to OS X, but was just wondering if its symptomatic of something else about to happen?