dashboard does not send email notifications?

I have configured the dashboard to send me email on all useful information. All the settings must be properly configured since the test email is send and received ok to both addresses its supposed to send to.

i just logged on the server that has a drobopro connected to it and found that the usually green icon that indicates all ok is now yellow. i opened the dashboard and there im recommended to add a drive since the device is running out of space, also a free slot on the drobopro is now yellow.

I use the latest dashboard 1.6.7 and latest firmware, connected to a windows 2008r2 server, the interface i use is ISCSI.

Now coming to think of this, ive never received any emails before with previous versions of the dashboard, when i went over the faq on drobo.com i found out i where supposed to get a notification when a drive was added, something ive had done several times before. Therefore I assume that this feature never had worked on my setup.

Ideas, Suggestions on how to troubleshoot/solve this issue?

Does your machine normally not have a user logged on?
The Drobo Dashboard app needs to be running in order for the email notifications to be sent.

What I did for my Windows Home Server was use the Any Service Installer (which uses srvany.exe from the Windows Resource Kit) to run Drobo Dashboard as a service in a limited user account. That way Drobo Dashboard is always “running” and can send email notifications even when no user is logged on. Make sure you add the necessary firewall rules so Drobo Dashboard can send email.

Note: Drobo Dashboard seems to keep separate settings for each user. However, when it is running, will send all notifications that have been defined. Meaning that if User A configured some settings, and User B configured some settings, Drobo Dashboard, when running, will send notifications to both User A and User B. Just an FYI so you don’t end up with a bombardment of notifications like I did. :slight_smile:

this machine is preforming various tasks all the time, logged on as a local administrator so i didnt have to bother running the dashbord as a service. its even configured to logon if the machine is rebooted.

Hmm, in that case, as long as Drobo Dashboard is running in the local admin account, then you should be receiving notifications as long as notifications are set up for the dashboard running in that account.

I have my notifications set to “All useful information” and at least with Dashboard 1.6.6 in Windows 7 Professional, I was getting notifications. I haven’t upgraded that particular instance to 1.6.7 yet.

1.6.7 works for me in win 7



i think maybe we need an actual question rather than just “?”; my crystal ball is in for repair…

what do you want to know?

the “?” was referring to your statement “1.6.7 works for me in win 7”, lets not get stuck on that and focus on the the initial question , Ideas, Suggestions on how to troubleshoot/solve this issue?

testmail works fine so no firewall rule or other setting is blocking the application from sending, so there must be something with the dashboard configuration…
here is what i found in the windows registry:


My comment was more an addition to bhiga’s since he stated he hadn’t tested 1.6.7 in win 7 yet, so i said that i had.

have you opened a support case? very few technical issues are easily solved on a forum. The forum is far more useful to newbies who want to avoid making elementary mistakes/cant find things in the KB.

ill try the .eu support again, lets hope they dont start quoting FAQ’s…

If .eu support uses the same system as the US support, then Jennifer mentioned in another thread that the support system is designed to auto-respond with “likely candidates” from the FAQ/KB, then an agent can follow up with a personalized response afterward.

Yes it’s the same CRM, it looks at keywords in the subject of your inquiry and automagically sends KB FAQ suggestions based on those key words. Once that original email goes out, then the case appears in our queue and then we take the case and look at it then we can offer a more personalized email to the customer.

to sort this issue. when the drive got to 86% full a email alert was sent, not 85% as stated in the FAQ’s.

could it be that it e-mailed when it hit/passed 85.0% full (as in… on the way to 86%),

and that previously it was 84.8% full (so not high enough to trigger the e-mail alert), but that with rounding the display showed 85% full?