Dashboard does not see Droboshare

Dashboard not longer sees the Droboshare, it does see the local USB connected drive (I have two Drobos). My systems sees the Droboshare (as my NAS), and I can access the data on the Droboshare’s Drobo drive, but I cannot place the drive in standby mode or otherwise control it.

Having lost data in the past, I’m very concerned in that I do not want to reboot the drive by hot disconnecting it.

I’m getting most annoyed by the lack of on board switch/button to place the Drobo in in standby mode. I’m also furthered annoyed by the fact I need to keep my front covers off the boxes in order to see the activity light or Drobo’s state sleep/awake/remapping function. I think we need some sort of scrolling human message panel, rather than these dumb blue lights.

Today is a holiday, and I’m concerned. Very concerned! AND I have work to finish.

FWIW, the other Dashboards on my network, similarly no longer see the Droboshare, but all see the Drobo and can read/write data.

OS: Vista 64 and 32
Firmware 1.3.5 on both drives
Dashboard 1.5.1 on all systems
All on UPS, and had no power failures, just reboots of PC or awakenign from sleep mode. Cold reboot does not re-activate the Dashboard.

Any words of wisdom?

Try a different network cable and/or port on the switch?
Also cold-reboot your DroboShare if you haven’t already.

I needed my drive badly, so I unplugged the Droboshare from the LAN, and the Drobo went on standby (Logically, it was like disconnecting from a computer). The I cold booted the Droboshare (by removing the power cord) and re-plugged the LAN. All is OK now.

BUT, I’m still confused, and not comfortable with cold unplugging things for the following reasons:

1] I have no ideas if I/O’s are happening duing the unplug.
2] It is the nature of electricity to arc on removing & plugging in a live circuit, particularly when fiddling with these connectors, hence potential surge and/or data corruption.

The bottom line is that the unit should have a visible dialog LCD display, allowing to start a controlled standby / shutdown, and turning off from a switch rather than yanking on a plug.

Could easily be a toggle with a safety lever.

The power connector is very poor on the Drobo, as it has only a center pin (+) and ONE sided (-) contact, rather then a multiple (-) contacts. I fear sooner or later the power socket will fail if I have to do this. Particularly since the unit has to be moved while the drives are live in order to reach the cable.

Thanks for the tip…