Dashboard does not connect MAC OSX

Morning All,

Just got my Drobo yesterday, everytime I restart or reboot from win7, dashboard fails to reconnect, just sits there saying ready for connection, any ideas how to stop this annoying behaviour, at the moment the only way is to physically disconnect the unit, which is a pain in the #@#@.

Thanks in advance

Have you tried putting the drobo into standby before rebooting into OS X ?

This happens with mine too under OSX 10.5.7. To get dashboard to pick it up I need to remove then reconnect the FW800 cable. My Mac’s on pretty much 24/7 so not a big deal, but not right…

Same here. I just started using Drobo this week with the latest version of Dashboard. Is it only this version of Dashboard that started doing this?

i am really starting to regret this purchase, I have to crawl under my desk because the thing is so noisy, unplug two cables, restart, go back under my desk plug them in, then maybe it will work.

Surely they can fix something in the software, how come my lacie FW800 drives spin up flawlessly everytime?

I’m having a similar issue (the reason I came to the forums…), though the connection issue is only with Dashboard.

I’m still able to connect and use the Drobo in Finder without issue. I know the dashboard software isn’t necessary, but the fact that it just says “Ready For Connection” does concern me that there might be an underlying problem that could affect me down the road. The dashboard saw the Drobo fine for a few days, then when I came home and reconnected to my MBP it just won’t show up any more.

I had initially disconnected the Drobo by placing it in “Standby” from the Dashboard, though it looks like dismounting the drive from Finder will have the same effect. I had also disconnected the power cable. Maybe I plugged a few things in in the wrong order? I can’t be sure.

I’m using Dashboard version 1.5.1 (1.5.19930) with Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6). Can’t see what firmware I have on the drobo since I need the dashboard for that, but I did update it at setup so I assume it’s the latest.

More of the same here. Just got my Drobo last week. I had my Drobo connected to my Airport Extreme using a DroboShare. I had to manually connect using the “Connect to Server” window. I would not mount automatically. It was so slow as to be useless and it would drop it’s connection about once a day. Lots of fun when I was trying to transfer large Aperture Libraries. So…

I then ditched the DroboShare and connected directly using USB. The Drobo shows up in the Finder but Drobo Dashboard doesn’t connect. No amount of connecting, disconnecting does any good. This is one of the most flakey devices I have ever seen. I have a firewire 800 cable coming in a couple of days. I hope it works better with Firewire.

Running OS 10.6.1 and the most recent firmware and version of Dashboard. I would give you the numbers but DROBO DASHBOARD WON’T CONNECT!

I also have this problem

Any problem you have today is very unlikely related to a five-year-old thread brought back from the dead.

Make sure Drobo is connected to only one machine, on one interface at any given time.

Just because it has two Firewire ports does NOT mean you can connect it to two computers simultaneously, similarly, you should not have both USB and Firewire connected at the same time.