dashboard detects b800i w/usb but not w/ethernet

i purchased a drobo b800i and setup and it worked great then all of the sudden it no longer shows up on dashboard. i reverted back to older dashboards. i system restored to an earlier time. i uninstalled and reinstalled dashboard multiple times. changed ethernet cables, and ports on back of drobo. i am using windows 10 and both my gen 1 drobos are working fine. i am just so frustrated with this paperweight at this point.

hi, can i check if anything had knowingly or possibly changed from when it was working great, and then when it was no longer showing up in dashboard?

for example, how long was it working fine for, and was it working fine with ethernet, and then another day it was no longer found in dashboard?
and can a computer still access it or is all ethernet access not working?

you might need to restart the drobo and computer (ideally to power down the computers that are using it, and then to shutdown the reboot the drobo) and then to restart the computers again.[hr]
(btw, nice rpg name)

was fine for 1 week then when microsoft did thier updates on super tuesday it hasnt worked since. when i look at my network conections it shows as unidentified network and no network access. ive disabled and reinabled iscsi and i have updated drivers, tried rolling back drivers, system restore the whole nine yards and it just wont show up when using ethernet only shows with usb. i even tried on the odd chance a usb to ethernet converter and that doesnt work either. i am guessing it had something to do with windows 10 updates but not sure. the ethernet ports are working fine as i can plug my broadband into either port and it works fine. i’ve disabled my malware and firewall and antivirus and that doesnt help as well.

ah ok thanks for the info,
is it possible that somehow some network settings have been changed (or defaulted back to original settings?)

maybe there is a way you could try recreating the network (i think so that both devices belong to the same network name, and to try both static and dhcp for the drobo if possible?)

if you happen to have any other ethernet device, maybe you could also try hooking that up, and using the same cables that the drobo would have been using, just to make sure that those are working as well?