Dashboard crashes when clicking firmware update toaster pop-up

Just that.
I get a pop up saying that dashboard has stopped working & an option to check with Microsoft for a solution.
Dashboard version:
OS Windows Server 2012r2

Hello there!

Can you try on a different machine/OS? Or maybe try to run Drobo Dashboard in compatibility mode (Windows 7, perhaps?).

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to try to reproduce the issue, since my Drobo’s firmware is already up-to-date. So you might have to open a ticket with Drobo, if you are still in support.

Good luck!



I could try a different machine either Windows 10 or Win 7, I’ve not been in any great hurry since I’ve had a remote backup running to it (taking days).
It only seems to happen if I click the notification, I can close as opposed to clicking on the notification without issue.

Things appear to behave normally if I use the check for updates functionality within Dashboard itself, though I only got as far as reading the release notes at which point I’ve let that sit since it’s inconvenient to disconnect the unit (or reboot it to update firmware) with long file transfers taking place.

Reading those release notes made me feel even less urgency to update since my 5C doesn’t appear to be affected by any of the issues the update resolves in my particular situation.

I feel disinclined to go the paid support incident route since it’s really only a minor inconvenience I mainly posted so there’d be a record that the issue exists somewhere. I’m fairly confident that when it’s convenient to reboot the unit for an update I’ll be able to do said update without touching the toaster pop up.

Thanks for the suggestions though.

Ah, I see. I thought this was preventing you from actually performing the upgrade. That appears to not be the case. Since you’re not using a Mac, you’re right, the fixes are probably not all too relevant to you. Still, it would be good if Drobo could fix what appears to be a bug in the Dashboard.

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Apart from having to dismount the volumes from DISKPART & then reassign the letters after the update in order for dashboard to be able to reboot the thing, updating the firmware itself went without a hitch.