Dashboard - Conflicting directions

My Drobo states that a bay is empty, and needs to be replaced ASAP. There is a drive in the bay, however it must have died. The light indicator next to this bay is solid yellow.

The other bays are blinking green, and the dashboard advises to do two things,

  1. Add a drive ASAP to Drobo
  2. Do not remove or add any drive while light indicators blink green.

Yellow bay means “Add A Drive Soon”
But now that the unit is Flashing Green and Yellow (or Orange), you should allow that to complete first. It’s rebuilding.
In short, wait until it’s all Green (except the one in Yellow), then eject that HDD on the “yellow” bay and stick in a bigger HDD.
Don’t be surprised at the end of rebuilding, you will get All 4 “Green” Bays.