Dashboard Can't Find My Drobo DR04D-D

Hello, I’ve been using my Drobo DR04D-D since 2011 on my iMac 2011 through firewire 800 connection without any problems. Now I have just purchased a 2015 iMac and to connect my Drobo, I’ve bought the Apple’s Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter.

The Drobo mount on the iMac without any problems, but Drobo Dashboard 2.6.4 can’t find the Drobo. I’ve tried updating the Dashboard, deleting it and reinstalling it, but nothing works.

Is there a solution to this or it will never work because of the adapter?


hi cogubr, can i check if your new imac happens to have a usb port?
if it does, then i think it will be a good test to try using a direct usb cable just to see if that works.

if it works like that, then there might be some updated drivers needed for thunderbolt or firewire, but usually a direct connection (without conversions) tends to work best.

it is good that the drobo still mounts though, as that seems to indicate that it is more to do with dashboard discovery, than the drobo not working itself, but seeing as it is a new computer, if you can have a look here it might be firewall/security permissions that just need tweaking a bit:
(especially step 8 for you)

Hi Paul, thanks for the reply.

I followed your instructions and here what happened:

I’ve disconnected the firewire with the adapter and connected with the USB cable.
With that, Dashboard found my Drobo.
Then I ejected the Drobo and connected it again with the firewire/adapter and the unit mounted and Dashboard found it like it did with the USB cable.
But then I restarted the iMac and everything went back the way it was before, unbit mounted but dashboard can’t find it.

I’ve also checked the iMac firewall and it has been off the whole time.

Now I am really confused why it found my Drobo with firewire after connecting with my USB but not when I restarted the machine.

thanks for trying that,
im just wondering if you were to try again with usb, but to this time actually leave the usb cable in, and then try restarting your imac again… just to see if it keeps working ok with usb, or if it still has the same problem? (it might help narrow down the culprit a bit) :slight_smile:

(if you also happen to have multiple ports, does the same issue you mentioned above, also happen if a different port is used - just in case it is port related?)

Hey Paul, thanks again for the help.
I’ve tried what you suggested with leaving the usb and restarting and it didn’t work.
I gave up on the issue and I just left with the firewire with thunderbolt adapter, at least I would get a better speed than the usb 2.0 cable…but then after couple of days the dashboard started reading the Drobo with the firewire/adapter…I had no clue why but hey, problem solved by itself lol

Thanks again man!

ah no worries, (maybe there was a mac auto update that updated firewire drivers) but either way am glad its working again for you