Dashboard cannot see

I am able to access my Drobo on my Mac via afp protocol, but Dashboard cannot find it.
I also do not know the IP address, but wondered if anyone knew a Terminal command or other way I could determine it.
I looked in my router admin page, but still cannot determine which item is the Drobo (I have 4 wired devices and 9 wireless devices connecting to it).

Any suggestions?


hi randall,
while i do not have a mac, there might be a way to help locate which device is the drobo on your router, possibly by checking the list with the drobo disconnected, and then seeing which new entry appears as the device, when you reconnect it?

(its not very scientific i must admit, though it might be a quick and easy way to identify it?) :slight_smile:

there is also a page here which may help, which is a checklist for permissions that can help dashboard to locate the drobo, for example here:
(and also step 8)

if you can try those when you have a moment, how do things go now?

Thanks for responding Paul.

I ended up connecting directly to the Drobo via ethernet cable and then the Dashboard found it. I was then able to change the IP address to my home network subnet. Now Dashboard will see it AND I can still access it via AFP.

God Bless

ah thats cool that you got it working again