Dashboard can’t find Drobo

Hello all my first post here. I’ve have a Drobo 2 gen with a Droboshare. I was able to set it up and the computers sees it and everything is working great. However, when I launch Drobo Dashboard it can’t find the over the network. When I attach it as a DAS Droboshare Finds it no problem. I’ve also tried to use the IP address to find the drive but I can’t find the IP address.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What operating system? If it’s Windows 10 you may need to enable/install SMB v 1.0 (which has security implications), if it’s earlier Windows or MacOS then you need to wait for someone else to answer.

If you’d rather not be risking SMB v 1.0 (wannacry & other vulnerabilities) you might instead hitch the Gen 2 to an old laptop running something that supports later & more secure sharing protocols, or run it as DAS from your main PC, & ditch the Droboshare.

Thanks for the reply. It’s Windows 10 and I will try what you suggest.