Dashboard and upcoming macOS Ventura

Hi guys,

I own a Drobo Gen 3, purchased used in Dec 2020. I use it for large file storage and backup for my laptop (a Macbook Pro, running the most recent version of Monterey).
If I restart my laptop, I get an alert that informs me that my dashboard version (3.2.1) might not work with future releases of macOS.
Is there anyone on my same camp? Are more recent versions of the dashboard immune to this risk?

I read around about concerning hints regarding the business health of Drobo. While I might not invest on Drobo products in the future, I’d be happier to stick to the hardware I have as long as possible…

Thanks in advance for your input!

Is that the only Drive you have for big files or is that a Backup? asking because you might wanna ask SoftRaid people if you can use SoftRaid on a drobo (with the third party license). You would still need to initialize disks to format to something SoftRaid likes but at least you will have your enclosure if you can move files somewhere safe while this happens.

I have two volumes, one working as Time Machine and one storing data. I think the data movement might be problematic…