dashboard and shutdown?

When i try to shutdown my drobopro using Dashboard 1.6.1 on Windows 2008r2, if the drobopro is beeing used the dashboard tells me that the device cant be shutdown at this time, because its in use and that I should try to shut it down later.

Ok thats fine so far, but then after a couple of seconds the dashboard tells me that the drobopro isnt connected )but it is and my drive are still accable from windows), Now the only way for me to shut down the drobopro is to first shut down the server!

Anyone but me seen this problem?

Drobo Dashboard: 1.6.1 [1.6.23870]
Drobo Firmware: 1.1.3 [2.39.21543]
Windows: 2008r2 Version 6.1.7600

How are you connecting the Pro to your server?

I use iSCSI (gbit) with a cat6 cable.

The drobopro or the dashboard never acted up in any other way.
Ive tried the drobo support, I where told to reboot the server, an answere i wasnt too happy about, you just dont go around and reboot servers to solve a problem with a single application…[hr]
could it be that the DDSERVICE service is shuting down prematurely?[hr]

i tried the following. i when to shutdown, got the same message since the drobopro where in use, the drobodashboard shut down in the same manner as always (just upgraded to latest version). i stopped the DDSERVICE myself, started the dashboard, was told that a required part of the dashboard wasnt running, exited the dashboard, started DDSERVICE manualy and then launced the dashboard again, SUCCESS!

how to fix this from powershell:
restart-service DDSERVICE -force

i would also like to add, this problem still exist in dashboard 1.6.7.
did some testing aswell since i had to shut down the server for some upgrades today.

started windows without the normal programs and services i usaly have running that access the drobo. when to the dashboard and used the shutdown button, it works fine. but, if i open a cmd, navigate to the pro’s root folder and type dir / s to make continious access to the pro the shutdown button gave me the same message as usual, you cant shutdown now since its in use… a few seconds later the dashboard acts again like no device is attached and i had to restart the dashboard and the ddservice in order to get the shutdown button back.