Dashboard - Alert ?

In the future, if I was to get a Dashboard Alert, under Windows XP, does the Dashboard software popup a “Balloon Alert” - (directly above the System Tray Area) a “Notification Box” - (directly above the System Tray Area) --or-- does it popup the “normal” - Dashboard window, with the foreground window displaying the “Advanced Controls - Data Tab” Window, showing a Status line of “Data at Risk” ???

“Notification Box” if by that you mean a box that’s popped up and drawn by Drobo Dashboard itself, not a standard balloon like the “You can safely remove ____” box.

What’s your application?


Okay, so just to confirm then,
… So your saying that a “Notification Box” will be popped up and drawn by Drobo Dashboard itself, above the System Tray area, on a Windows XP PC, should a Drive in the Drobo Fail (in addition to the blinking lights that woould occur on the drobo ) ???

… Just wondering what would appear, in the future, should a Drive in my Drobo Fail, since I have not experienced this yet (my drives luckily have been working like champs).

Here’s a screenshot (this is my a Win2K3 server machine, but it would look much the same in XP)

Three things can potentially notify you when a drive fails:

  1. (Optional) You get an email notification from Drobo Dashboard
  2. You get a Drobo Dashboard notification
  3. The Drobo LED next to the failed drive flashes red.

LED status


The screenshot of your Win2K3 server machine did not attach to this thread.

Sorry, I got sidetracked and forgot to figure out where I was going to put it… Lemme find a spot.[hr]
Lower-right shows the pop-up panel, of course message would be different.

This was during my full backup, I got the answer to “What happens when Drobo gets critically full?”

That answers my question on the Alert.

… But, just 2 additional related questions:

1. How did you get the Dashboard software to display in the Text of the Tab(s) of the Pie Chart Window, what I would guess iare the names of your Drobo Volumes, like “Media and Backup” ?? … On my Dashboard’s Pie Chart Window the Text within the Tab reads “Drobo S” and not my volume name for the Drobo.

2. If I setup the Dasboard Email Alert Option, what happens if Drobo wants to email an alert which occurs during a period of time when my Internet Connection is Down. Will the Dashboard software internally queue up the email alert and then detect when the Internet Connection is active and send me the email alert that hopefully it queues when the Internet Connection is “Down” ??

1. I renamed them using the Rename Drobo and Volumes (probably not exact wording) button in Drobo Dashboard. Only Drobo Dashboard will see this name, but it’s quite useful if you have multiple Drobos. Also, as of Drobo Dashboard v1.7.2 or so, this name is included in the alert emails, so you know which unit the alert is for.

2. That’s a very good question that I don’t know the answer to. I suspect if it works like most software, Windows will try to initiate a network connection or it will fail and possibly retry later.
Queuing is something normally done by the mail server, so unless you have a local mail server that it can use, I suspect the message will simply not be sent if there’s no Internet connection.


Thanks !