dashboard accepts admin password but IP address does not

Hi, I’m a new user trying to access droboadmin @ http://IPaddress:8080/droboadmin but the security prompt wont accept the password that I modified using Drobo Dashboard. After a few attempts I get “401 authorization Required” I’ve tried loggin out of dashboard before logon to droboadmin, re-booting etc… nothing seems to help…

I only had this problem after updating to 1.0.5 firmware.

Talked to Data Robotics help desk, they stated that running apps from the FS is not supported, and that if I’m locked out of droboadmin (an un-supported app) to post on this board to see if someone can help me.

I did not understand that datarobotics is hardware support only when I purchased the FS.

Is this the same hardware only policy for all Data Robotics products?

I had a simular problem after the recent Firmware update. An additional reboot of the DroboFS took care of the problem for me. If you haven’t done an additional reboot, I would suggest you try that and see if it corrects your problem.

The DroboApps Admin app doesn’t use the same user/password as the dashboard. The default login of root/root is listed on the app download page as well as in the app README file:

[quote]To login, use user: root, password: root. Instructions on how to change the password are on the Important Information page.

This has nothing to do with the firmware. You can’t change the root password through the Dashboard and the default “Admin” user could not login to the admin app unless you manually added the user as explained on the “Important Information” page in which case you would need to repeat these steps to update the password in the /mnt/DroboFS/Shares/DroboApps/droboadmin/htpasswd file.

thanks everyone, apparently the user and password have mysteriously reset to “root” for some reason…I have changed it to another password in the past…but at least I’m back in.

Technical support will assist you with any hardware on any Drobo product and with our software Drobo Dashboard.

DroboApps are written by customers for customers and we will not be able to assist with DroboApps over the phone or via email with technical support.

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Do you know if Data Robotics has plans to develop apps for the FS? or if they will stay hardware only?

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Don’t count on it, once they start providing software support they would need to hire 100 more people.
Community written … community supported is their policy, at least they should support a couple of basic apps imo.

Anytime you reboot the drobofs or go into useraccounts under the drobodashboard, the root password gets reset back to root. It isn’t a mystery, but a programming flaw that DRI needs to fix.