Dashboard 3.0 upgrade required Drobo restart

Just a heads up: After upgrading to 3.0, Dashboard could not find my Drobo 5D, not until I restarted my Drobo. The Drobo would mount though.


thanks for that info,
also another user mentioned recently a similar issue but not sure if they restarted…

am not sure how you did the restart, and it was good that your drobo was recognised again, though probably for any others doing this it may be best to shutdown the computer, (and to let the drobo go into standby mode, and then to restart it), just to minimise anything still mounting or using it during the restart (in case dashboard cant locate it to use the dashboard standby / shutdown feature)

Thanks for this info, I was having the same problem as the OP it would still mount after the Dashboard update but the Dashboard didn’t detect it until I restarted the Drobo itself. I powered down my computer, the Drobo spun down and then I powered it off. Powered on my computer and then once it was booted fully, I powered on the Drobo and then opened the Dashboard program. It was then detected as normal.

Thanks again for this post!

Hi Guys,

I would like to add something to this discussion.

Seems the problem persists as i had correspondent with park on another thread about it and i will continue it here as it is the same issue.
the procedure is really not though of by drobo and needs to fixed with an update asap.
As have been described that you need to completely turn the drobo off (even pulling out of the electricity since you cannot tun it of with the dashboard) and restart you comp after the restart then restart your drobo and dashboard would recognise it again. this procedure works UNTILL your computer is restarting (I have a schedule that turns off my mac and turn it back on).
in this case the dashboard does not recognise the drobo at all.
this was not the case in previous releases.
Drobo guys pull your heads together and stop making these small mistakes it’s embarrassing.