Dashboard 3.0.0 no longer sees Drobo S chassis

We did the “recommended” update to Drobo Dashboard 3.0.0

Our two direct attached 5D show up in the Dashboard - no problem.
Our direct attached S NO longer appears in the dashboard.

Mac OS 10.12.x

ALL 3 volumes mount to the desktop, the 5D’s with the standard Drobo Icon, but he “S” mounts to the desktop as a generic HD icon.

I have confirmed the cabling, powered down the system and drobo chassis, and followed the troubleshooting guide.

Volume mounts to OS finder as generic drive, and NO dashboard recognition.

Thank you!

hi neil,
can i check if you have also tried restarting the computer, dashboard and the drobo s since installing the new update?

(for example in a similar way as cphoto did here?)

(just linking to a more recent related update from neil)

I’m new and I’m interested in this topic. Thank you!