Dashboard 3.0.0 : After downgrading to 2.8.5 no more problems!

After downgrading back to dashboard 2.8.5 there are no more mounting problems with my drobos any more, which i have unhappily seen often since my upgrade to dashboard 3.0.0! …and after any new start of the system after downgrade to dashboard 2.8.5 i can reliably see my drobos always again!

After all, my advice as a cautious and disappointed user:
Do not upgrade to dashboard 3.0.0,
at least with MacOS Sierra with Drobos using an usb-3-Port!

(just linking to related post)

Where can you get the Dashboard 2.8.5 software???


FYI - I back-revved our system to Dashboard v2.8.5 and now my “S” appears in the dashboard again.

I did a clean un-install and used a download I found on the general web, as I could not seem to locate a version of the software anywhere on the official Drobo site.

Couple of reboot, and I have all three chassis back up on the dashboard.

Just in time too - as I had one drive on the “S” flagged red.

Hope that helps!

hi neil, i wasnt sure with your other posts, if you had been able to try the suggestion below:
(though am glad that you were able to get things working again with the previous version.)

just in case you need to get a previous version again there is a post here with links that may help: