Dashboard 2.8.4 does not show installed 3rd party apps...

I installed Resilio Sync, the update to Bittorrent Sync. Eventually, the DroboApps “Store” will update to Resilio Sync, but for now, the only way to update is a manual install, which was done without a problem. Luckily, I previously created an web alias for the Bittorrent Sync app — this alias still launches the Resilio Sync interface.

Resilio Sync is working fine, but does not appear in the “Drobo Apps” listings in the Dashboard. Manually installed apps had a listing before the Dashboard was updated with the Drobo Apps Folder listings. Maybe a folder with the heading “3rd Party Apps” should be added to the Drobo Apps Folders, which would list manually installed apps.

I think this bug was just an error of omission, and hopefully will be fixed quickly.

I too am disappointed to see the new Dashboard doesn’t list 3rd party apps outside of it’s repo.

I t0o have Resilio Sync installed as well as a couple other apps not in their repo, would it be that hard to have another folder with 3rd party apps?

It most certainly was. As you can imagine I’ve noticed it immediately after installing the update.

I’ve been told that a new version reinstating the 3rd party DroboApps is already making its way to public release.

Drobo Dashboard 2.8.5 has been released. A new Drobo Apps folder is present with the title “Other Applications”. This is where 3rd party applications will appear. Problem solved.
Thank you, Drobo Support.

Also, Resilio Sync, the replacement for BitTorrent Sync, is now present in Drobo Apps. Much appreciated, Drobo.