Dashboard 2.6 on Drobo 2nd Gen?

Can anyone confirm whether or not the Dashboard 2.6 will work with the Drobo Gen 2? I just got a new Gen. 3 and would like to use it (at least temporarily) alongside my Gen. 2. If I upgrade Dashboard to 2.6, will it recognize my older Gen 2 Drobo?

Yes, please ensure you are running the latest version of dashboard 2.6.2 and advise if you are still unable to get dashboard to discover your GEN 2. I am currently running Dashboard 2.6.2 with a GEN 2 connected on a mac running 10.9.2. Please advise if you have any further questions, and advise what OS version you are working from.

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Drobo/Transporter Support

Thanks. I just tried installing 2.6.2 and it detected my Gen 2 and it seems to be working fine.

this type of Forward and Backward compatibility news is always great to hear. :slight_smile:

as a consumer, it’s always a worry that in order to get a newer model (and required software), the older model might suddenly be forced to stop working as before.

a key success to drobo will be for newer dashboards to always recognise each and every model that drobo makes.

Just bought a Drobo Gen2 (DRO4D-D) and installed the latest dashboard. I can’t find any KB articles on getting the dashboard to recognize it in Windows via USB 2.0

Windows 7, the power light is green, the drive bay with a drive is green, the drive bay below the top bay is red.

No blue lights after initialization is complete.

(I also have a Drobo5N on my desk at work, so I’m not unfamiliar with drobos or the dashboard.)[hr]
Ugh, it was a bad USB cable. Works fine now.