dashboard 2.0.1

i cant seem to log in with win7 and osx. the imac is logged in and i have my share mounted, but when i try to log in with the win7 machine it shows me logged in but says there are no shares.

Odd, Dashboard 1.8.4 gave no notice of the update, so I didn’t know about it until I saw your post. I have no problem connecting and administering the DroboFS, but I don’t see what the point was of this rewrite. It looks a little prettier, but I don’t see any new functionality and it’s still incredibly disorganized. Someone spent hundreds of hours on that, and it doesn’t seem to actually do anything better.

I actually notice they removed a feature or two. You used to be able to show the pie chart in the dock icon, and or the status bar. It is in neither place now… why would they remove these?? I hope I am just not able to find the option to enable it, any one know if its possible?