Dashboard 1.7.3

Updated. I love that the drobo info pie chart of data doesn’t automatically display on boot up any more. That always niggled me. Nice job :slight_smile:

Hi Jennifer,

If you feel strongly that the old Dashboard should be uninstalled before updating I think you should have the installer check this and either insist that it be done, automatically uninstall it during the install process or at least issue a warning that it should be uninstalled.

I manage a lot of apps on my various boxes. Most do not need to be uninstalled and in most cases it causes problems (loss of settings, etc.). It’s hard to keep track of these details :slight_smile:

She had recommended it, but it is not required.

From the technical support side, we recommend uninstall and reinstall. But you can use the auto-updates just fine.

What has been fixed with this level versus 1.6? Are there any critical errors fixed or are we being asked to upgrade to something new “just because?”

I’m in the software business and I know better here…

@bnewport: Aside from FS support and the other stuff listed, v1.7.3 also adds the name of the Drobo to the email notifications. A very handy feature for those with multiple Drobos.


Does this version address the problem with the drobo v2 showing the correct sizes for volumes formatted with disk utility on the MAC? ie. a 4TB Drobo V2 partitioned into 2 with one volume used as a time machine and the other as a blank volume. In the past it would not show both volumes.

@easternherp Yes.