Dashboard 1.7.3

Has been released on our website.


Jennifer, would you recommend doing a complete uninstall of the current dashboard software and then installing the new one?


Hello Jennifer,

“check for updates” does not work. Will it be later activated for an automatic update or will it stay manual

Thank you



The Dashboard Release Notes indicate a New “Re-Start” Command:

… Will the “Re-Start” Command, Power On a “Drobo S” that was previously Turned Off, either by its Power Switch or the dashboard “shutdown” command ?

No it’s a restart command. To reboot your Drobo.

If the drobo has been turned off, dashboard will not connect to the drobo and you will not have access to that command.

Hi Jennifer,

So, under what situations, does one typically need to use the Dashboard - "Re-Start (Reboot) Command " to Re-Boot the Drobo while the Drobo is already Turned On ???

Customers asked for it.

Any plans for incorporation into Gen 2 Drobos?

Why would you need to restart the 2nd gen drobo?

What is the recommended procedure for uninstalling and reinstalling?

And…the restart feature (as mentioned elsewhere in this forum)—if one has gone into “standby” from the Dashboard, will this new Dashboard “restart” it from that condition?


For Mac’s click on the 1st article.
On Windows, click on the 2nd article.

I didn’t see this in the release notes, but it looks like Drobo Dash (Mac) is now properly reporting overall size for my time machine partition and main partition on my mac! It used to only show the space that my time machine partition was using, which was only 1GB of my 5GB capacity. Now it shows 2.12GB used, which seems to be the correct amount for both partitions combined. Now I can see how much free space I have. I couldn’t do this before.


I have loaded 1.7.3 onto my Mac.
I don’t see the feature for restarting the Drobo once it goes into Standby. And now that it is actually in standby mode, the dashboard is dormant, displaying nothing…the same as with the previous version. Am I missing something?

Which drobo do you have?

Second Generation, I believe.

“This release of Drobo Dashboard is compatible with Drobo FS, DroboElite, DroboPro, 1st and 2nd Generation Drobo, Drobo S
and DroboShare”

Yes compatible with all Drobos, but unfortunately not all features are for all Drobos. There is no restart for 1st/2nd gen drobos.

Another silly question, then. Why did I “upgrade?” Will there be any noticeable differences from the older version (1.5) that I replaced?

We like for our customers to be update to date on our software.

Also from the Release notes:

Added “Restart” option (Advanced Controls -> Tools) to allow restarting the DroboElite and
Drobo FS from the Dashboard