Dashboard 1.7.3 (OSX) not showing Drobo (2nd Gen)

My brand new Drobo (2nd Gen) came with Dashboard 1.6.8 and it will see and interact with my Drobo over Firewire with zero issues. But when I update to Dashboard 1.7.3, Dashboard sees nothing. “Waiting for Connection”…

The Drobo mounts and works perfectly. I can use it from the Finder and Terminal with zero issues. Just the Dashboard 1.7.3 does not see it. Drobo is populated with 3 x 2TB 7200rpm drives. The drive works great - no problem with the drive at all.

I am back to Dashboard 1.6.8 which is working fine.

I’m running OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.5 and Drobo Firmware 1.3.7

Any ideas? Is this a known problem? Should I just stick like glue to 1.6.8 and ignore 1.7.3?

Any help or insight would be appreciated.


Have you tried installing the newest version of the Dashboard?

Newest version is 1.8.2

I wonder why Drobo does not update its website and the software updater in the panel.

You have to contact customer support for getting the latest software updates…

Latest version on the Drobo website is 1.7.3

Contacted Drobo Support for version 1.8.2