Dashboard 1.7.3 / FS 1.0.4

Does anyone know what is changed? There didn’t seem to be any release notes. I reluctantly took the jump and updated on my Mac running 10.6.4, and have not noticed any issues. Time machine works and all my data is accessible, etc…

Does anyone know when the disk spin down issue is planning on being corrected? Or anyone know what is supposed to have been changed in this release?

There are release notes accessible from the link to the right of the download.

All I know is since updating my Fs FINALLY connects on start up. I got a log in screen when I started up, entered the password, directories mounted. This is the first time this has happened. I usually spend 15 mintues manually trying to get the directories/shares to mount. I’m running 10.6.4 as well and have been the whole time I’ve owned my Fs. So far I am very pleased. Now I’m going to read the release notes…

Those release notes are from the last version. Key highlights include “Enable Time Machine support on Drobo FS from Dashboard” and “Added “Restart” option (Advanced Controls -> Tools) to allow restarting the DroboElite and Drobo FS from the Dashboard”. Those were things that worked in 1.7.2.

1.7.2 wasn’t a general release though, and the PDF has 1.7.3 listed as the version number, so maybe the remainder of the changes are encompassed in the “Minor improvements.”

Does it fix the password resetting issue?

I assume this doesn’t include any changes for the password resetting issues. My support case for the spin down issue was updated today with a note that it’s fixed with firmware 1.0.5; however, my case for the password resetting issue remains “under investigation” with no recent update.