Dashboard 1.7.0

Was just reading the documentation for the Drobo FS - fedex should be delivering it today. I noticed in one of the graphics of a dashboard screen that it lists Drobo Dashboard 1.7.0 and Drobo Firmware of 1.0.0. Has anyone heard of 1.7.0 and maybe this is going to be the cure for our ‘dashboard wont connect after sleep’ problems?

they dont tend to pre-announce things, but its relatively obvious that there will be new versions coming down the line.

Dashboard 1.7.0 comes with the CD that comes with your FS.

Thanks for the update - I’ll update Dashboard before hooking up the FS. Fedex has still not gotten here - hopefully before the end of the day. Since this is a complete new version - should I uninstall 1.6.8 and then install 1.7.0??? Or will clicking on the install package just upgrade everything?


Yes, properly uninstall your current dashboard then install the new one off of the CD.



Is there a reason why this new version of the Dashboard isn’t on the website yet? My DroboFS arrived today, but I ditched the CD because like most technology products the drivers are already superseded with newer versions on the vendors website.

So imagine my horror when I get home, find 1.6.8 doesn’t connect to my DroboFS, spend some time googling only to find it’s a “special” version of the dashboard that isn’t available on the website yet :slight_smile:

I’m not going to be the only person to make this mistake… is there any chance something will happen with this soon?

It has not been released on the website yet.

Please open a support case so we can send you the link.

I’ve got a support case open at the moment for it but as it happens I found the newer version of the dashboard on your FTP site.

I’m in the process of restoring data from my old Drobo to my DroboFS right now. The two major issues I found lacking in the Drobo+Droboshare seem to have been fixed with the DroboFS so I’m really quite pleased with the product despite the initial problems with the dashboard.