Dashboard 1.6.7 - seems ok so far...

I just got notified for this dashboard update, and while it didn’t auto-update (I had to go download it manually) it seems to have installed ok.

Using a Drobo v2 with 2x 1.5TB drives 82% full, and Win7 x64, over USB.


I got an auto-update notice on the Mac, did the install and I think nothing bad has happened…

I just hope that the “update” function works. I did a update from 1.5.3 yesterday… the dashboard told me that i was using the latest version.

I’ve been having a good experience with 1.6.7 for a bit now. You can subscribe to their RSS feed and get notified right away when they release a new version.

avid thanks for the tip, but I think it is a bit strange to have a software that check for updates by itself (or has at least a “check for updates” button) and that function doesn’t work. I mean if such a obvious and easy to test function doesn’t work… sorry but that cast a damning light on DRI and there products (again).

Did that dashboard update come with a firmware update as well? Or just the dashboard?

im my case i’m still stucked at 1.3.5 with a Drobo 2. Gen.[hr]
hmmm just reconnected my drobo after 73 hours of doing the re-layout. Just to find out that the german Dashboard app still have some bugs (on my mac).

  1. if you hover over the graphic that shows you how much is used on your drobo, the small popup has a bug in it. “4.51 TBInsgesammt” shouldn’t there a space between TB and “Insgesammt” ?

  2. In germany they use “,” instead of “.” for as decimal symbol, so all sizes are displayed the wrong way. I’m wondering a bit because that should be something the operating system should do depending on the user settings and not hardcoded.

  3. the button below that graphic “Erweiterte Steuerung…” isn’t working at all.

I received mine via Drobo Dashboard auto-update. Looks like DRI is cast in a good light (again).

Hmmm… I was a long time user of v1.5.1 with no problems (other than the fact that it won’t display the 3 volumes I created using Disk Utility). I upgraded to 1.6.7, and upon waking my Mac from sleep, I start Drobo Dashboard v1.6.7, and it just says “Ready for Connecition.” It doesn’t detect my 2 Drobo’s (even though my OS & Finder see them okay).

Try rebooting. Users have reported lack of redetection after resume from sleep, so that might still be an issue.

Just as a reference point here.

If I put my Windows 7 machine into S1 (POS), going to sleep does not put the Drobo to sleep, and I have intermittent redetection problems with Drobo Dashboard.

If I put the same machine into S3 (STR), going to sleep does put the Drobo to sleep, and upon resume, Drobo wakes up and Drobo Dashboard detects it properly (though it takes a little bit).

If I put the same machine into S4 (Suspend to Disk, aka Hibernate), the Drobo does go to sleep, and upon resume, Drobo wakes up and Drobo Dashboard detects it properly (though it takes a little bit).

Not sure what sleep mode the Mac supports.

My understanding is that they roll out the updates over a period of time, so that not everyone gets the update right away via the Dashboard. I think that the RSS feed is the most surefire way to find out about updates as soon as they are released.

I personally have only had Dashboard offer to update itself once since I’ve owned Drobo (about a year now). Otherwise, when I get a notice in my feed reader, I go over to the DRI website and get the firmware/Dashboard update myself.

yeah but fetching no update since 1.5.3 is a bit strange. I hit the update button regularly, so even if they update their whatever-the-dashboard-checks only once since then, I should have gotten a message.

There have been no auto updates pushed on dashboard since 1.5.1. They have been manual updates.

Okay so what’s the point of having an autoupdate function (and even a specific button to check for updates) if you don’t support this function?!

It’s supported. There are times we auto update and there are times we just put the firmware/software out as a manual update.

And who decide if an update is important enough to do it via auto update?
I mean if I would buy a new Drobo (lets say a Drobo Pro) as replacement for my Drobo 2. Generation, I would expect “Oh I have Drobo dashboard already installed which checks for updates anyway. So I can still use it for my new Drobo.” Which clearly looks like a very bad idea now!

Version numbers of software should be an indicator for “when to push an update”. I can understand that you doesn’t force to update if there is only a graphical bugfix or something like that. But as soon as you go from 1.5 to 1.6 that should be something to let the users know.
From what I can remember is that version Dashboard updates happen either as bug fixes for something, add new functions (e.g. Drobo Copy), to support new devices or to just hope that it would solve a problem (which sometimes wasn’t solved afterwards). So except the last point (which would be something for the beta program) all of the reasons would be something that could be important for existing users.

I don’t belief you use this function to make difference between Beta versions and none Betas, since you had once a specific beta program (in which I participated). But even if, why don’t you add a function to let the user decide to update to such minor updates?
Adium for example has a function to check for updates as well, but the user can decide to ignore Beta-version-updates.

So people who use auto-update had 1.5.1 and have now been prompted to update to a stable 1.6.7. Seems reasonable to me.

Hm nope I didn’t got an update message to update to a new version on my mac mini. I just checked the web page because I wanted to swap a disc and thought it would be better to update the firmware first, since there had been some problems with the 1.3.5 version. and then I saw that there is a new version of the dashboard.

I just checked my Dashboard 1.3.1 app on my Laptop and it also shows me that “I have the latest version”.
By the way it look like a stupid idea to run that old version on a snow leopard machine. It told me that I have extremly low storage 4.51TB used and 0TB Free. But my Mac Mini (with latest Dashboard app) shows me that I have more then 1.4TB free.

Drobo Dashboard v1.6.7 can detect my drives okay after reboot. Just not after waking up from sleep. This was never a problem with me
prior to upgrading. Drobo Dashboard isn’t that useful, at least for one of my two Drobos since one of them has 3 partitions/volumes, and Drobo Dashboard doesn’t have the ability to work with more than one partition. This worked with an older version of Drobo Dashboard, but was never fixed by DRI. But that’s another story… the fact that Dashboard has these problems reduces my faith in how good the actual unit firmware might be… hope it’s bettter than the Dashboard!

Exactly my feeling : what is the point of being protected against (very) rare hardware failures if to do so you create worse software vulnerability ?
Especially since a software bug, by definition, will apply to all disks, and all partitions.

From what I have experienced and read on the forum, the maximum likeness of loosing your data is during a (failed/buggy) relayout. Although a lot of the software executed during Drobo normal processing is likely to be open source, hopefully tested by many people, I am afraid relayout is largely DataRobotics own production…